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PoloShirts-onlineAvatar Polo Shirt

Embroidered with the Avatar - Love Precious Humanity logo

$32.95 USD  buynowlink

Men's and Women's fits available
Two color combinations for each gender more


LPH MandalaNew Love Precious Humanity unisex slim-fit t-shirt

$18.00 USD buynowlink (available on heather purple or olive green shirts)

"LPH" mandala design on back, small Avatar logo on front crest. more


AvatarFlag-smallAvatar Flag

Featuring the Avatar - Love Precious Humanity logo with translations

$49.95 USD  buynowlink more

YogaMatAvatar Yoga Mat

Imprinted with the Avatar - Love Precious Humanity logo

$34.95 USD  buynowlink

Extra length and cushion for added performance (74"x24"x1/4") more

HarnessArtYoga Mat Harness

Imprinted with Avatar—Contributing to an EPC.

$12.95 USD  buynowlink

Perfect for carrying your yoga mat. more


FitnessPantsAvatar Fitness Pants available in Men's and Women's Styles

$49.95 USD buynowlink

Lightweight performance fabric. Black with white imprint. more

CompassionEx posters
Compassion Exercise Posters

$9.95 USD  buynowlink

Each tube contains 5 11"x17" posters. more

compassionshirts2Compassion Project slim-fit long sleeve or short-sleeve t-shirts

Long-sleeve white or light blue Clearance Item $17.00 USD  buynowlink
Short-sleeve sand Clearance Item $10.00 USD  buynowlink

"Compassion Project" logo on front, multi-language design on back. more


Awe-Blastwave shirt Awe is the Blast Wave classic style t-shirt

Clearance Item

$10.00 USD  buynowlink (available on royal blue shirts)

Avatar "stars" logo on front, quote by Harry on back. more