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A Step-By-Step Approach To Success

The Avatar® Master's Handbook by Harry Palmer
(Spiral Bound - 1997)

Creating an enlightened planetary civilization is an ambitious task, but not an impossible one. Great ambitions are seldom achieved without a plan. Here is a systematic step-by-step approach to creating an enlightened civilization.

Learn to recognize the stages of developing a skill? Learn to conduct a successful presentation? Produce the sub-products that add up to a successful business?

While this book specifically addresses the domain of the Avatar Master, you will quickly see that its lessons are principles with broad application to other enterprises.


Marketing from a level of consciousness By Joanie Kirk 

There are points in this book that far surpass what is out there on the marketing market. The Doingness Scale alone offers a way of self-evaluation and action that is sure to move us all forward. I have read and reread it and still find jewels imbedded in the writing.
For an Avatar Master starting out, or anyone interested in conscious marketing, this book can help.

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Talk about a set of tools! The information in The Avatar Master’s Handbook feels so right. It’s a yes, yes, of course, yes thing. Here’s a confession. I am having a hard time finding an excuse to procrastinate any longer. I have all the tools that I need to reengineer my own consciousness.

Bud Lenox (Winter Park, FL USA)