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Insights On The Topics Of Discouragement, Perserverance, And Connection


Connection & Encouragement

A talk by Harry Palmer (DVD - 2004)


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In early 1995, Avatars gathered in Orlando, Florida to attend an Avatar Master Course. At one point, a talk by Harry Palmer was captured with a home video camera. This talk is presented here on DVD.

Join Harry as he brings his unique insights to bear on the topics of discouragement, perserverance, and connection. Harry's easy-going style and quick sense of humor are evident as he tells stories about a 19th century miner, migrating geese, diving on the Great Barrier Reef, and more. And, as usual with Harry, there are layers of meaning to the stories he shares.

  • Excerpt

    "Is there some change in your life that is making you uncomfortable or that you anticipate making that might make you a little uncomfortable?
    "Let me tell you…this is a real classic Indian story. 
    "Two neighbors are talking and one of them says to the other, 'Your son is very lucky to own such a nice white horse.' 
    "And the farmer replies, 'You never know.'
    "As luck would have it, a few weeks later, the son’s white horse jumped out of the coral and ran away into the mountains. 
    "Then the neighbor said to the farmer, 'Your son lost such a fine white horse. He sure is unlucky.'
    "And the farmer said, 'You never know.'
    "And as luck would have it, a few weeks later the white horse returned but it also returned with a mare. And it was a beautiful chestnut mare and they both came running back and went right into the coral. 
    "The neighbor said, 'Boy, your son sure is a lucky man. He not only has his white horse return but it comes back with another horse.'
    "And the farmer says…" (gestures to audience)
    Audience: “You never know.”
    "So, the son is training the new horse that came back and the horse throws him and he breaks his leg. And it’s a bad break and the doctor says, 'You’re going to be on crutches for a long time.'
    "And the neighbor says, 'Your son sure is unlucky. He broke his leg and now he’s on crutches.'
    "And the farmer says…"
    Audience: “You never know.”
    "A few weeks after that there was a general who came through the village and he was recruiting all of the young men to go and fight in a war. And because the son had a broken leg and was on crutches, the general spared him.
    "And the neighbors said, 'Your son is really lucky to have a broken leg and to be spared having to go into the army.'
    "And the farmer said…"
    Audience: “You never know.”
    "So the change that you are thinking about going through or are anticipating in your life or one that you’re dealing with now, just kind of look at it and remember, 'You never know.'"

  • Intended Audience

    Anyone who enjoys meaningful stories

    Someone looking to clarify spiritual questions

    Spiritual seekers