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1987 West Coast Tour – Welcome To Avatar

A talk by Harry Palmer (Audio CD - 2004)


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The first Avatars were created in October of 1986. Listen to one of Harry Palmer's original talks on Avatar within a year after it all began. This lecture was recorded impromptu only four months after Harry Palmer developed the Avatar Materials.

  • Excerpt

    "Everybody has kind of a window, and a window is what you perceive the world through. And you have windows of different shapes and if something fits through your window, it’s not incredible to you, it’s something that you can believe, you say: I understand that. If it’s bigger than your window, it seems kind of incredible. And there is a lot of things about Avatar, that tends not to fit through people’s window. Not only is there a window there but there is also a filtering mechanism on the window that most beings have, and they tend to tune into certain realities, and while they are looking at one reality, they may not see another reality.

    I’ll give you an example: At this very moment, there are poor animals some place suffering and dying. This same moment there are babies being born and celebrating life. And everything, every reality in between is occurring at this moment.

    It’s the filter in the window that determines what a person tunes into. One person will go around and will see everything with a certain amount of sadness to it, another person will go around and see something with a certain amount of joy to it. Somebody that is angry will tend to attract angry people, somebody that is antagonistic will tend to perceive antagonism, even though nine people are friendly and one is antagonistic, if they have this kind of filter in their window, they will gravitate towards the one that is antagonistic."

  • Intended Audience

    For seekers of spiritual wisdom.

    For those curious to expore consciousness.

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