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Inside Avatar: Achieving Enlightenment

by Harry Palmer & Friends (Perfect Bind, 138 pages - 1999)


Inside Avatar is a compilation of articles about Avatar. It features original works by Harry Palmer and other members of Avatar Network. These writings were once reserved for Avatar graduates, today, this important work is publicly available.


  • Reviews

    In this amazing series of essays, Harry Palmer demonstrates through wonderful stories and analogies that understanding our human experience doesn't require a degree in philosophy from a major university.

    Harry's essays have the feel of parables. The most profound concepts revealed in everyday experience that we can all relate to.

    This book is a treasure. I have no doubt that when people begin to discover this goldmine of wisdom, the book will be flying off the shelf.

    Thomas J. Fleming (Fallon, NV USA)

  • Contents

    Issue One
    Path To Happiness
    The Power Of Primaries

    Issue Two
    How Much Time Do You Need?
    What Are You Waiting For?

    Issue Three
    Thoughts Are Angels
    Primaries And Domains
    Actions Aligned With The Creation Of An Enlightened Planetary Civilization

    Issue Four
    How Avatar Creates Enlightenment
    Growing Beyond The Terrain
    Learning How To Feel
    Angels In Flight

    Issue Five
    Just Who Do You Think You Are?
    Help For A Suffering Planet

    Issue Six
    An Abundant Universe
    A Master Course Talk
    Intellectual Enlightenment vs. Real Enlightenment
    Becoming Okay With Yourself

    Issue Seven
    Quiet Mind: Finding Your Way Home
    The Role Of The Spiritual Teacher
    Manifesting Dreams

    Issue Eight
    Here’s Another Way Of Looking At It
    Enlightened Justice Procedure
    Personal Responsibility

    Issue Nine
    Unlocking Your Own Mind
    The Enemy Of Enlightenment

  • Excerpt

    "Have you ever thought about the subject of consciousness? Where would the universe be without consciousness? If you began eliminating things from the universe—suns, planets, spaces, energies—the last thing you would eliminate would be consciousness!

    Could you even eliminate consciousness? Who, or what, would know if you did?

    Have you ever been curious, or maybe even concerned, about the momentary experience of some unexpected or unusual mental ability or extra-normal state of consciousness? Maybe you were more than curious; maybe you sought to experience the mysterious state a second time.

    Our religious faiths, and more recently our sciences, abound with references to extraordinary consciousness phenomena: enlightenment, turning point experience, holographic consciousness, quantum transformation, cosmic awareness, bliss, nirvana, samadhi, grace, universal harmony, spontaneous healing, alpha rhythms, heavenly rapture, OBE (out-of-body experience), ESP (extrasensory perception), levitation, the glory of redemption, the peace of salvation, satori, godhead, Christ consciousness—and this is only a small sampling.

    The growing list confirms that more and more people are encountering phenomena that do not fit with their normal waking moments. Is something going on with consciousness? Is it experiencing its own evolution? A cosmic awakening?

    Extraordinary consciousness phenomena occur spontaneously and do not always fit simple cause-and-effect explanations. People are unsure how to describe nonphysical events. Most of the terminology tends to be esoteric or vaguely fluid in meaning. Comparisons and categorizations are closer to art or analogy than to science. And just when an understanding seems imminent, the event, like a rapidly forgotten dream, fades into a haze of doubt. For a moment there was something unusual...wasn’t there? Word descriptions are a pale substitute for the real thing.

    Instructions or practices that attempt to re-create the phenomena usually condense to some sort of backward be-do-have ritual that says, “Have faith, do this over and over, and maybe something might happen that you could describe as....” Unfortunately the universe does not work backward and the only result, from such rituals, are self-degradation, hypocrisy and pretense.

    So people learn to live with the uncertain memory of a few moments, hours, or days of an extraordinary experience for which the cause is unknown: a euphoric moment of love, an omnipotent moment of invulnerability, an omniscient moment of crystal clarity, a moment of grace, a moment of premonition, a moment so real that the rest of life seems dreamlike. How can one recover these moments? What combination of thought and event will create them? This is a quest into the quintessential realm of consciousness. The prize is beyond any amount of fame, wealth, or power.

    Extraordinary moments! Awe-full moments! Experiences that cast even life and death in minor perspective! They leave unexplained magic moments and hint of a thread which, were we able to pull it, might utterly unravel and redefine what we are and what we are becoming.

    For some, the demands and desires of life erode such moments into forgetfulness, and they escape back into the safety of plain vanilla reality: paychecks and bills. Probably by now, they will have laid this book aside and continued with the struggle they call their lives.

    But you still read. For you, a nine-to-five life, while maybe necessary, is not an answer. You’re on some sort of quest. Are there some fascinating memories hovering near the edge of your imagination? Would you like to have one more look?"

  • Intended Audience


    Spiritual Teachers

    Explorers of consciousness

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