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Learn to Live Deliberately

(32 page magazine)


Among the insightful topics addressed by Harry Palmer, the author of the Avatar materials, you’ll find articles on the nature of consciousness, achieving peace of mind, managing beliefs to improve your life, and finding happiness.
Also included are exercises from ReSurfacing, Success Stories from students on course, and Avatar FAQs.

This full-color magazine is perfect for Avatar Masters to give to any prospective Avatar they might meet.


  • Table of Contents

    2 What Do You Really Want Out of Life?

    4 Quiet Mind: Finding Your Way Home

    8 Change Your Channel

    10 The Ability to Create Self

    12 Living Deliberately

    13 Exercise from ReSurfacing: Goal Setting

    14 How Avatar Creates Enlightenment

    16 Frequently Asked Questions

    18 Stress, Attitude, & Concentration

    22 Success Stories

    24 Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny

    26 The Path to Happiness

    28 Orders of Belief Systems

    31 Exercise from ReSurfacing: Transparent Beliefs

    32 Avatar Course Information

  • Intended Audience


    Spiritual Teachers

    Explorers of consciousness

    Anyone who wants to know more about Avatar.

  • Translations
    English, Chinese-S, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese-BR, Spanish
  • Notes from the Publisher

    Thank you for picking up Learn to Live Deliberately and giving it a read. In the pages of this publication you will find articles designed to give you a glimpse into Avatar and how your mind works. If what you read resonates with you, if you feel a desire to explore the deeper workings of your own consciousness and become familiar with the creation that you regard as self, then The Avatar Course is for you. Start Living Deliberately today.

    With appreciation,

    Star’s Edge