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You Know You Want To...

Love Precious Humanity®: The Collected Wisdom of Harry Palmer edited by Kayt Kennedy
(Hardcover - 1999)

Love Precious Humanity is a collection of quotes from Harry Palmer that reflect the wisdom, humor, and remarkable insight of this perceptive and unassuming teacher.

This is a book that you can open to any page to find inspiration and motivation. Or you can choose one of 32 categories for insights into a specific area of life.


The aphorisms of Harry Palmer reflect humor, wisdom and remarkable insight, and cover some thirty categories of human experience that have been arranged and presented with fine sensitivity by Editor Kennedy. Comparison with other collections such as the TAO TE CHING reflects the same qualities; however Mr. Palmer presents something new: that the individual has the power to create her or his own life by fully experiencing his or her beliefs about life, and accepting full responsibility for them --something along the lines of Goethe's thought, "Whatever you can do or believe you can do, begin: boldness carries its own genius, power and magic." Well worth reading, meditating and enjoying, and acting upon for years to come.

Mike Ryan (Wausau, WI USA)