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ReSurfacing®: Techniques for Exploring Consciousness

by Harry Palmer (Spiral Bound, 176 pages - 2008)

ReSurfacing®: Techniques for Exploring Consciousness is a workbook that provides 30 practical, proven tools and techniques for daily life and beyond. The exploration guides you in removing limitations, overcoming obstacles, strengthening your will, and maximizing your attention supply. Discover and release hidden, sabotaging beliefs. Learn about the inner workings of your consciousness. The insights are revealing and freeing. The results are greater clarity, motivation, and a sense of empowerment.

“ReSurfacing” refers to the action of disentangling yourself from old creations and rising back into awareness.

Whether you choose the tactile experience of the paperback or the convenient portability of the ebook, let the pages of "ReSurfacing" become the gateway to a profound awakening and a toolkit for a more fulfilled life. The reward lies in discovering how your life works—or why it doesn't, giving you practical empowerment through these transformative exercises. Your journey awaits—immerse yourself in the extraordinary.


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Price: $9.99 USD

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  • Reviews

    Simple Exercises, Amazing Results

    This is the best book I've ever read for personal transformation. It contains very simple exercises and tools that can be done solo or with a group that have made a major difference to the quality of my life. I can pull out one of the exercises to regain control when I'm feeling overwhelmed/stressed out at work. I can use others to simply still my mind. I've used them to shift my perspective on painful experiences - both past and present. I've used them to look at feelings, beliefs, and memories in a different way, to see them from another's perspective, and not to be controlled by the emotions they have usually generated. I've learned thorugh this book to easily slip into an observer's point of view, and then to move into a more universal perspective. The results I've achieved since reading the book in April 99 are life-changing, and I continue to get more out of them every time I use them. I would recommend this book for any use in your personal or working life. I can't begin to explain how wonderful the book is. I can only recommend that you buy it and try it for yourself!

    Alicia Isaacs

  • Contents

    Preface Two Approaches To The ReSurfacing Workbook

    Part I Orientation
    Chapter 1     Orientation
    Chapter 2     Personality Profile

    Part II Attention
    Chapter 3     Will
    Chapter 4     Being Aware Will
    Chapter 5     Attention
    Chapter 6     Freeing Attention And Insight
    Chapter 7     Attention And Identity
    Chapter 8     Attention And Body

    Part III Integrity
    Chapter 9     Becoming Real
    Chapter 10   Perspective

    Part IV You
    Chapter 11   Beliefs
    Chapter 12   Talking About Awareness Consciousness
    Chapter 13   Living Deliberately
    Chapter 14   Debriefing
    Chapter 15   Translarian Epilogue

    Part V The Next Step
    Chapter 16   The Avatar® Course
    Chapter 17   Star’s Edge Philosophy
    Chapter 18   The Path Of Avatar

    List Of Exercises
    Exercise 1    Personality Profile
    Exercise 2    Awakening The Will
    Exercise 3    Disciplining Attention
    Exercise 4    Acting As Aware Will
    Exercise 5    The Will Rules All
    Exercise 6    Controlling Attention
    Exercise 7    The Behavior Of Attention
    Exercise 8    Exhaustion Of Attention
    Exercise 9    Attention And Practice
    Exercise 10  Emotion And Importance
    Exercise 11  Minding The Edges
    Exercise 12  Releasing Fixed Attention
    Exercise 13  Restoring Attention
    Exercise 14  Caring For The Animal
    Exercise 15  Walk For Atonement
    Exercise 16  Self-Deception Signals
    Exercise 17  Compassion Exercise
    Exercise 18  Viewpoints
    Exercise 19  This And That
    Exercise 20  Conviction
    Exercise 21  Operating Beliefs
    Exercise 22  Belief And Indoctrination
    Exercise 23  Transparent Beliefs
    Exercise 24  Exploring Definition
    Exercise 25  Motivation
    Exercise 26  Expansion Exercise
    Exercise 27  Goal Setting
    Exercise 28  Life Alignment Program
    Exercise 29  Create Your Own Epitaph
    Exercise 30  Debrief

  • Excerpt

    The miracle is not that there is life within the universe; 
    the miracle is that there is a universe within life. 
    The miracle is not that consciousness evolved out of the universe; 
    the miracle is that the universe evolved out of consciousness. 
    The miracle is not that the here/now contains a you; 
    the miracle is that you contain a here/now.  
    Oh, my ancient companions, wake from your long sleep. 
    There is so much I have to show you.

    Translarian Message

  • Intended Audience

    For people who need to make decisions

    For people entering or leaving relationships, companies, or social groups

    For people who desire to design their own life

    For leaders and mentors

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