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Thoughtstorm® Manual: An Evolution In Human Thinking by Harry Palmer

In the years since its first appearance, Thoughtstorm has established itself as a favorite tool of the entrepreneur. It has inspired the creation of THOUSANDS of businesses and sits on the bookshelves of some of the wealthiest people in the world. Deceptively simple, yet profound, its ability to generate insights into problems is a priceless technology.


Better than Brainstorming and a lot more FUN!! By Jan L. Nadeau

This is the most wonderful tool that has come along in centuries for people to come together and align for a common purpose. We have a group in Northern Michigan who meet regularly to do Thoughtstorms and we have had some amazing results! The process is very creative and FUN!! The book is self-instructional and any group can use it for any purpose. It can be used by businesses to come to Team alignment and by families to reach a deeper level of understanding of each other. When the group reaches the Corecept (The Core Concept which is the purpose of the Thoughtstorm) it comes as a true AH HA !! The wonderful thing is that you don't give up the Thoughtstorm until everyone has reached agreement !! Unlike a brainstorm which is a good tool but usually results in a random list, the Thoughtstorm results in a very powerful feeling of group alignment!! The book is easily understood and just about anyone can benefit from the experience. Harry includes an entire section of topics with questions you can use for Thoughtstorms, as well as guidance on how to create your own Thoughtstorm questions. It is a wonderful way to spend time and is inexpensive, too.

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This book is a wonderful tool to use personally, with a group and for work. Gets to the heart of things without struggling mentally to figure out answers. Feeling the ease and flow when participants are all in "synch" and the answers to your thoughtstorm are truly felt by all, is a beautiful and powerful experience. Harry Palmer created this amazing tool which I experienced first-hand on an Avatar® course. 

Nicola Karesh (Pisgah Forest, NC USA)